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Saturday, March 22, 2014

About Pune

Pune is a city, that promises its future to be as interesting as its history.
Pune is the eighth largest metropolis in India and second largest in the state.Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra.
Pune was the base-station of Maratha empire.
This place gave birth to the famous legendary Shivaji Maharaj.Even today, Pune is famous for Information Technology(IT), Educational,Managaement and Training institutes,Manufacturing and Automobiles and attract students and migrants not only from India, but also from Asia,Middle East and African countries.

Pune being the cultural capital of the state lays emphasis on education, arts,crafts,music and theatres.
Pune has become a center of modern architecture in India.
Culture of Pune relects a proper mixing of traditions of the past with modern time.
As a result of all these beautities and facilities for further education and growth, Pune attracts lots of tourists as well as students.